6 steps to create a successful Facebook page for your business

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great opportunity to increase your notoriety in order to garner a lot more sales. Indeed, from the top of its 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook is becoming a great business opportunity for companies. In addition, this opportunity is completely free. It is therefore almost impossible to do without it for companies.

We now present to you the different steps to create a Facebook page for your business. You just have to follow these steps to create your page as quickly as possible.

1 st step to create a Facebook page for his company: register on the platform

Go to the facebook.com/business page. Once there, you have to go to the menu which is just at the top right then click on "Create a page". You will be redirected to another page which will present you with two options. You will therefore have a choice to make between "Company or brand" and "Local or public figure" depending on the profile of your company. For a business that could be included in several different categories, you have to take the best category in the eyes of your customers. In other words, the category your customers think of when they mention your business name.

After choosing the category to which your business belongs, you will have to complete the information about your business through another box. You will need to give the page a name and choose the page category. The page category is a subcategory of the previously selected category. You can therefore choose your page category from the list of subcategories that will appear on the screen. So choose the best one for your business. Once your choice is made, click on continue to continue your registration on the platform. At the same time, you accept the  terms and conditions for the Facebook business page .   

2 nd step to create a Facebook page for his company: Adding photos

It is at the level of the second step of your registration that you will upload a cover and profile photo for your Facebook page. The profile and cover photo are very important because it follows the image of the company. So you have to make a good impression by choosing an interesting image for your business. It needs to be aligned with your brand so that people don't doubt your company's real identity on Facebook.

Profile picture

The profile image is the first image to upload. This is what will appear with your business name in search results as well as in your interactions with your Facebook followers. On your on your business Facebook page, the profile image will appear at the top left of your page.

For a recognized brand, using the logo for the profile picture would be the best solution. For a public figure, or a celebrity, you can just put a photo of your face. In the case of a local business, for example the profile picture could be the company's product. All of this will make it easy for people to recognize you.

The profile picture will appear as a square on your page. However, when it comes to advertisements or posts, it is cropped as a circle. It is therefore best to avoid putting some important details about yourself in the corners of the photo. If you have followed everything explained above, you can now tap on Import Profile Photo.

The cover photo

The cover photo is the background image that appears on your business page. It is similar to the one displayed on personal accounts. The cover photo should be attractive and should also represent the company. The cover photo has dimensions that vary depending on whether it is a computer or a smartphone. Its dimensions are 520 x 312 pixels for the computer and 640 x 360 for the smartphone. The profile photo must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 high.

If you have difficulty choosing the cover photo, you can use some online sites such as Canva where you can create your own images yourself. On Canva for example, you will find several cover photo templates that you can modify and customize to suit your business. You don't need any real graphic design knowledge to get started. It's pretty easy to do.

Once you have finished with the cover photo, you must now press "import cover photo" to make your choice effective. You can find that setting up a Facebook page for your business is very easy to do. The profile photo and the cover photo are therefore displayed on your page. Your business page at this time is active but empty. You will therefore have to fill in other additional information on your page to attract your audience.  

3 rd step to create a Facebook page for his company: complete the "About"

Create a Facebook page for your business - Fill in the "about" section

The "about" section

Facebook is very often one of the first places people go to find out about your business. It is therefore important to take care of your image on this platform. This requires putting reliable and interesting information into it.

In the left menu you will find an “About” section. Above, you will give more information about your business to your readers. You will add all relevant information about the company, the contacts on which customers can find you to make their purchase, your hours, your contact details, your website, etc.

In detail, you must indicate precisely how you use Facebook, for example. In other words, what are the response times on Facebook Messenger, what are the hours of after-sales services, etc. You can even add links to your other Instagram accounts , Twitter, etc. Depending on your business, you will probably know what types of information to provide in the "about" section.

It is very common to find companies that are much more sought after on their Facebook pages than on their websites. With this in mind, it is essential to add this additional information because it will be a good point of referencing your business to your customers.

Company Description

In the same "about" section you will find a space where you can describe your company, its functioning, its objectives, and so on. To do this, simply click on "Describe your business" located to the right of the page. So you can present your services and give reasons why users should subscribe to the page. Click on "Edit page info" to fill in the data relating to your location and your opening hours. Once you are done, press "save changes" before exiting.

4 th step to create a Facebook page for his company: to create a user name and then add a short description

Create Username

The username or custom URL is used to find you on Facebook. This name is written with a maximum of 50 characters. Your username should be easily understood by users. You can still choose the same name of your company or one of its variants. To modify your personalized URL, simply click on "create a username". Once the username is created, a box with links that you can use to find your business on Facebook will appear.

Adding a short description

Here you just have to quickly present your business to the public without even having to go into details. In just two sentences, a maximum of 155 characters, briefly introduce the business. To modify the description, you must press "add a short description" then "Save" once you have finished.

5 th step to create a Facebook page for his company: the first publication and the invitation of friends

Create a Facebook page for your business: the first post and invite friends

How to post on Facebook?

Long before you start inviting your friends to view your page, already think about putting some content there so that they don't find an empty page. On Facebook, it is possible to create publications specific to your company; you can even repost some content that you find interesting. There are many types of posts you can make. You can recall events, make offers, etc. You just have to click on the tabs above the status box. You will have several options displayed. Try to put in compelling content, which will make visitors spend a lot more time on your page. Your page is now ready to welcome visitors.

Invite your friends on Facebook and interact

Now is the time to invite your friends to subscribe to your Facebook page. Facebook will ask you to invite your current friends from your personal account to like your new business page. Indeed, your friends will be a good basis of appreciation for a new Facebook business page. To invite them, they must be listed and then click on "add". You can also use other platforms like Twitter or Instagram to promote your new business account. You can now invite your customers to leave comments on your Facebook page.

6 th step to create a Facebook page for his company: the complementary actions to

The pinned post

The pinned post is used to highlight information that you find important; it could be for example a promotion not to be missed. The pinned post is at the very top of the page, just below the cover page. With this positioning, it is sure to attract the attention of your visitors.

To put a pinned post, you must already have a post. You can use an already made post or create a new one. Once the publication has been chosen, click on the 3 dots displayed to the right. There you will find "pin to top of page". A blue colored pin then appears in the right corner.

Take advantage of all the tabs on your page

On your page, for example, you will find a photo tab. You can enrich the user experience by creating more tabs to make campaigns, or even organize contests , etc. It is even possible to create mailing lists of offers to your customers .

Create a Facebook page for your business - Additional actions to take

Put a call-to-action button

There are many reasons people can visit your business page. There may be times when you do not directly provide them with all the information they are looking for on your page. Hence the interest of adding a call to action button.

The call to action button is used to provide more information to customers in their research. They can even get in touch with you directly. Facebook programs a "send a message" button on your page to motivate visitors to write to you to find out more about your page. It is possible to modify this button so that visitors have a better knowledge of your products from a mobile application or even from a physical appointment.

To modify the CTA, all you have to do is click on “Add a button” and then select the button that should be displayed. Depending on the button chosen, you will fill in other additional information before publishing your CTA.

Like other pages

A good way to create your own community on social networks is to show yourself off to fans of other pages that are similar to yours. For example, if you are located in a commercial district, you can go and like the pages of other shops on the street.

It is possible to feature other Facebook pages. To do this, you must click on the three small dots that are under the cover photo of the page you want to feature. Then click on "Like as your page".

Voila, that's all you need to know to create a Facebook page for your business. You can get started now.

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