How to Advertise Instagram: The Complete Guide

In this article, you will learn how to advertise Instagram step by step.

Instagram offers incredible opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences.

But lately more and more brands are joining Instagram so the feed becomes more competitive, so it can be more difficult to stand out.

This is why it is becoming more and more interesting to launch Instagram ads to appear and interact with your target much more often.

Why is it important to advertise on Instagram 🤔

There are so many different social platforms, so why use Instagram?

Instagram is considered the best platform for engagement.

It's visual, simple and it attracts the younger generations more than other platforms.

Instagram can go beyond the visual aspect.

In addition to showing your followers attractive photos (most of the time 😬), you can create a profile that highlights your brand's mission, values ​​and goals as well as being able to show off your products and capture leads and therefore sales.

How an Instagram ad works

Since the end of 2015, anyone can now create Instagram ads using Facebook's advertising platform.

With it, you have full control over your ads, how they appear and who sees them.

And unlike sponsored posts and paid partnerships, your ads are published directly from your own account.

In this part we will see how an advertisement is made on Instagram.

The principle is very close to Facebook ads .

The different formats of Instagram Ads

  • Advertising Photo
  • Video Ads Advertising
  • Insta carousel advertisement
  • Slideshow advertising
  • Advertising in stories

Instagram advertising and goals

When advertising on Instagram (like Facebook), you can choose from several campaign goals.

These are potential goals for your Instagram ad campaign that you choose from a list.

Don't overlook this choice: it will influence how your Instagram ads will be optimized and the price.

Below you can find the different possible objectives for your campaign.

instagram advertising

1. Brand
awareness This goal is for people who want to promote their business, product, app or service when advertising on Instagram.

2. Coverage
With a coverage goal, you can also market your business, product, application, or service.

The Insta Coverage ad lens supports all types of Instagram advertising. Coverage is different from brand awareness in that it allows you to reach a larger audience, while brand awareness is a bit more targeted to users who are more likely to remember your. advertising or your brand.

3. Traffic

You can use the Traffic objective to direct visitors to your website.
The Traffic lens supports all types of Instagram advertising.

4. Interactions

Interactions is another goal that you can use to promote your Insta ad.
This goal is also effective in promoting your Instagram account and posts.

5. Installing apps

Unsurprisingly, this lens is ideal if you're trying to get users to download your app.

You can use any type of Instagram ad for this purpose.

6. Video Views
If you are running a video ad, carousel ad, slideshow ad, or story, you can use the Video Views goal to promote the video. It is an effective goal to promote your brand and your products.

7. Lead Generation
Instagram campaigns with a lead generation goal are great for collecting information from users, like their email addresses, so you can sell to them in the future. This lens supports all types of Instagram advertising.

8. Messages
This objective mainly allows you to encourage the target audience to send you messages directly from Messenger.

9. Conversions
The Conversions goal is a great choice for e-commerce businesses that want to increase their sales.

10. Catalog
sales The catalog sales objective allows e-merchants to broadcast advertisements directly from a product catalog according to your audience.

11. Point of sale traffic
As its name suggests, this objective will entice people near your business to come there.

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How to create an Instagram ad

There are 4 main steps to creating an Instagram ad.

  1. Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page
  2. Create an Instagram campaign in the Ads Manager
  3. Create a specific ad set
  4. Instagram ads: optimizations and analyzes

Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page

The first step in creating an Instagram ad is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Just go to your Facebook page settings and click on "Instagram Ads".

connect instagra account

Create an Instagram Ads campaign in the Ads Manager

After you've linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page, it's time to head over to Ads Manager and create your first campaign.

In the Ads Manager, click on the “Campaigns” tab then “Create” at the top left of the screen.

Then choose the objective of your campaign. Remember, not all goals are compatible with Instagram Stories ads.

Then click on continue .

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Create a specific set of ads

You've just created a campaign and associated a goal with it, congratulations!

Now let's configure the ad set or also called “Advertising set” in French.

There are different stages in this part.

You will have to pay (mandatory):

    • Conversion: Defined in advance in the settings of your ad manager either with the Facebook Pixel or with custom events.
    • Audience: Here you can use a personalized audience or define your own audience directly from the different settings.
    • Placement: This is where you need to tell Facebook that you want your ad to only appear on Instagram like below.
instagram ad placement
  • The budget and the schedule: All you have to do is define a budget and an operating period for advertising in this part.

When you have finished choosing who to target and how much to spend, click “Continue” at the bottom right.

On the next screen, you will see an option to let you choose your Instagram ad format.

Note that the Canvas format is not compatible with Instagram. Once you've decided, scroll down to upload your content.

After uploading your visuals, scroll and you will see an option on the left to add text to your ad.

Finally, to the right of the text editor, you will be able to preview how your ad will look on Instagram.

All you have to do is start the ad.

Congratulations you have just launched your 1st Instagram ad! 🎉

Instagram ads: optimizations and analyzes

Just like Facebook Ads, your Instagram Ads performance data will be available in your Facebook Ads Manager.

The Facebook Ads Manager report table may seem complicated at first glance, but don't be scared by it.

Think of it as a spreadsheet of all your ads and their performance metrics.

The dashboard is pretty easy to use once you get a feel for what it can do.

Switch between ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads

The first thing you might want to do is see all of the ads you and your team have created to understand the big picture.

Facebook (and Instagram) ads follow a simple three-tier structure: Campaigns> Ad Sets> Ads.

The advertising campaign is the highest level of the structure, where you decide your marketing objective for the campaign. In each ad campaign, there are one or more sets of ads.

Ad set or set of advertisements is the second level of the structure, where you define your audience targeting, placement, budget and schedule. In each set of advertisements, there are one or more advertisements.

The publicity is the last level of the structure and the "end product" that people see on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Manager has folder-style navigation that lets you switch between your ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads. This way, you can quickly compare the progress of various ad campaigns, ad sets, or advertisements.

Analyze the performance indicators of your Instagram ads

Much like a spreadsheet, the dashboard allows you to see the performance of your Instagram ads at a glance.

If you do not see the metrics that interest you, you can change the columns by clicking on “Columns: Performance” then “Customize columns…”.

Once you have the metrics you want, you can sort the data by clicking on a column header or export the data using the export button on the right.

Finally, if you want to drill down into each campaign, ad set, or ad set to get more detailed metrics and graphics, just click on its name.


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