How to advertise on Snapchat

What to do to advertise on Snapchat ? What are ad formats used for on Snapchat? Snapchat is still a complex application for corporations and big brands to use. Snapchat is developing self-service advertising purchasing tools that are accessible to everyone. Previously, Snapchat ads were expensive and inaccessible for most businesses . Now, with Snap Self-Service Ads Manager, all businesses, regardless of size and portfolio, have the ability to advertise on Snapchat.

Advertise on snapchat

First of all, it will be necessary to create a Business Manager to be able to entrust the management of your operations to a third party or to manage them directly. Indeed, any digital communication strategy has its particularities and obeys very specific marketing criteria. Like its competitor Facebook, for example, Snapchat offers promotional targets that match your expectations. Then, you will have to personalize your campaigns (date, daily budget…). Then you will come to setting up your target.

Location, device, phone, brand, location, as well as demographic criteria and a predefined audience such as comic book fans, photographers or high school students. Finally, you can design your advertisement. For this, you have the choice:

  • Create your own ad
  • Choose a sample from the Snapchat library

After launching your various campaigns, you need to track the results by looking at the appropriate metrics and considering your goals.

Identify areas for improvement to optimize campaign results. Consider refining your target audience and / or modifying the ads based on the results you see.

Set up an advertising campaign on Snapchat

Geo-filtering is the only means of advertising that brands have. You can create an on-demand geofilter using Snapchat designs. Or also by importing a filter that you have designed entirely yourself. For detailed instructions,

we offer free training which will be very useful to you in the design of your advertising.

Snapchat ad campaign targeting options

Age-based targeting to prevent teens from being overly exposed to beer campaigns. As such, Snapchat recently offered a whole series of target choices:

Snap Matching Audience: This allows members to be targeted based on their email address and mobile device ID linked to their Snapchat accounts.

Snapchat Lifestyle Categories: This service offers Internet users the freedom to choose their interests on the platform.

Lookalikes: Targets users with a profile similar to that of the brand's existing customer base.

All of these targeting options are only available for Snap Ads. Geo-filters propose criteria allowing geographic targeting.

In addition, Snapchat recently entered into a collaboration agreement with Oracle Data Cloud to perfect its targeting system based on the specifics of the approximately 100 ad segments established by Oracle through online shopping behavior studies and offline.

Some examples of advertising content on Snapchat

Provide fun and interesting content

Snapchat is an interactive multimedia support where members are used to interacting with different filters and devices to take and exchange funny pictures. The creation of visuals consistent with this logic for your Campaigns. Snapchat will increase your attention rates and your chances of capturing the curiosity of Snapchat users.

Focus on the filters and goals that users will want to share

advertising on snapchat - Focus on filters and objectives

advertising on snapchat - Focus on filters and objectives

Offer Snapchatters the option of creating a subsidized lens that will allow them to create a fun and decorative so-called “selfie” that they will most likely share on their Story, and possibly on various other social networks, including Twitter and Instagram. In this case, it is the users who advertise your branding, widen the coverage of your message and encourage those around them and their followers to actively search for your Snapchat profile so that they can use your filters themselves.

Different types of Snapchat ad formats

There are three kinds of advertising formats on Snapchat:

  • Snapchat geo filters
  • Snapchat Sponsored Filters (Lenses)
  • Instant announcements

For those who use Snapchat for digital marketing, you may be familiar with filters and lenses, since these are the most well-known Snapchat ads.

Facebook and YouTube are still by far the most popular social media platforms, but more and more young people are using Snapchat. As an example, 78% of 18-24 year olds in the United States are subscribed to Snapchat.

One can use these types of Snapchat ads in different ways. We will start with the first type of advertising.

Sponsored geolocated filters useful for ads on snapchat

This form of advertising on Snapchat consists of an image filter that varies according to the geographic location of its users (or Snapchat users), their activities or their interests.

This filter is a powerful advertising tool, considering that these filters appear on average almost 2.16 billion times per day! Of course, adding personalized messaging or your identity to these filters will go a long way in promoting your business.

Geofilters also let you control all photos and videos that are sent privately or those that are publicly posted in your Story. Depending on the goals of your strategy, it is possible to determine the validity period of your filters.

Sponsored filters for Snapchat ads or lenses

In this kind of Snapchat advertising, we use a filter intended to change the face of the users or to modify their environment by means of animations or techniques of amplified reality, especially for the selfs. Snapchatters spend a huge amount of time trying and testing various filters (70 million people use them every day).

You can plan your actions based on the main events that affect your audience. Due to their high cost, these ads are usually reserved for big brands, election campaigns and large-scale events.

These kinds of ads can be purchased directly from Snapchat sellers. These Snapchat ads are the most expensive because they allow everyone access. They have a very extensive coverage area and are usually seen by tens of millions of readers.

These advertisements represent a high cost. Indeed this cost can range from 400,000 to 600,000 euros per day. It all depends on how and when you run your campaign.

They are expensive, of course, but if you can afford them, the potential return on investment is considerable.

In addition, it is possible to use filtering tools similar to those of enriched reality. In addition these allow users to become familiar with 3D images integrating their environment.

Snap Ads for ads on snapchat

advertising on snapchat - use different video formats to enhance your ads
Snapchat advertising - use different video formats

Snapchat ads are actually vertical format videos that are no longer than 10 seconds long. In addition, these ads are accompanied by original Snapchat presentations, user stories or testimonials collected from companies.

Use it when you want your users to perform specific operations. Such as visiting your sales pages, downloading a new app, or accessing more information about your products.

The videos being particularly short, it is possible to group them into several sequences. And load them simultaneously to make videos that appear longer. Then this will allow you to present a more detailed picture of your business.

Thanks to a sales system, spontaneous advertisements are acquired. Thanks to its advertising API interface and now thanks to the Snapchat Self-Service Ad Manager software.

The simplicity, ease of use and flexibility allow this type of advertising to target small businesses.

Snap Ads includes three specific types of actions that can be vested on ad management:

  • Application installation
  • Long format video
  • Web View

Snapchat ad templates

It is not known exactly how many users commonly use Snapchat. However, one thing is certain: Snapchat has really managed to make a name for itself in the market. Quite simply because Snapchat is currently enjoying exceptional success with young people and adults. With a total of 8 billion videos viewed daily on Snapchat, explains its manager, Evan Spiegel.

Although Snapchat offers videos of a few seconds to the channel. This is still as much as the videos seen on Facebook.

Snapchat now has 4 types of advertising videos:

  • 3V advertising
  • Discover ads
  • “App Installs” ads 
  • The “Shopping

With 4 additional advertising formats:

  • Discover brand channels
  • Sponsored testimonials
  • Sponsored filters
  • Sponsored geo filters

The particularity of these types of advertising lies in the quality of the advertisements broadcast:

Full screen (unlike) from Facebook

A vertical display,

thus avoiding turning the mobile phone horizontally to view the advertisement.

In addition, in a “universe” of particularly rich premium content intended to appeal to young people. While the user takes an active approach to content curation and receives maximum attention.

Snapchat advertising price

What is the cost of advertising on Snapchat?

Indeed, it is currently difficult to advertise on Snapchat. Because you need a minimum budget of $ 50,000. To integrate a video into a Live Story. But it would take around $ 250,000. On the other hand, the purchase of all the advertising spaces for the Discover channel for individuals costs $ 50,000 a day.

These superior quality formats are reserved for major brands. But beware, Snapchat is designing a “self-service” type advertising platform. It will be a little identical to that of the model of Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter. All this in order to allow any advertiser to benefit from a visibility adapted to his needs and more economical.

In addition, Snapchat operates on a constrained regime to offer more tracking of the results of its ad formats. “On-demand” pricing should be replaced by another pricing. That of “consumption” or “conversion” in the future.

Video ad formats are billed based on viewing volume. Indeed, the fact that the user has already seen it is taken into account. Because even this latter has only slipped to the following content.

Municipalities, universities and other public places have the possibility of freely creating free community geological filters. It is forbidden to add logos. However this possibility can be interesting to make known the creations of the local artists in a certain city. Like the one made by the city of Houston geofilter. And it's a mural by famous local graffiti star Gonzo247.


Snapchat is now part of several digital strategies. The power of targeting is making Snapchat a new outsider in the social marketing world. If you want to communicate on Snapchat and benefit from the advantages it offers,

As a result, some companies have expressed their dissatisfaction to Snapchat, Adweek says. Particularly because their advertisements vanish in a few minutes, as do the fleeting photos sent to each other by users of the electronic dialog box. Plus, to top it off, Snapchat's user metric is very underdeveloped. It does not determine whether a woman or a man has viewed the photo or video, or the age of users. However, the start-up, created in 2011, has only been marketing advertising since 2014. It will gradually improve its performance indicators.

Moreover, these drawbacks have not dissuaded some companies from subscribing to Snapchat as part of the deployment of advertising campaigns at high prices, such as McDonald's or the Universal studio, which has registered its film Dumb and Dumber From to this application.

Finally, it is first necessary to think about the profitability of its use within your digital strategy.

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