How come back on instagram after a break ?

Today, we offer you some tips for coming back to Instagram after a break: how to reactivate your account if you had deactivated it, how to resume your Instagram account and "come back" when you haven't posted for a few weeks or months ?

Is the algorithm going to hate you? Make you sink into oblivion because you haven't posted for a long time?

we stopped feeding our Instagram account for 10 months in 2019. because other projects, no time to post on Instagram and at the end of the day, one question: how to resume my account after a break ?

How to reactivate your Instagram account?

If you had deactivated your Instagram account before taking a break, know that you just need to connect with your username and password to reactivate your Instagram account!

I advise you to change this password because if you haven't used the application for a long time, it can't hurt to review your account security .

Take the opportunity to activate double-authentication if you are not using it yet, it is a good weapon against hacking: in fact, to be able to access your account, you will need to know your login details (name of user and password) and in addition enter the code received by SMS.

To activate it, open the menu when you are on your Instagram account and go to Settings> Security> Two-factor authentication … and activate SMS authentication !

After all, it would be a shame to spend time on your Instagram account for it to be hacked by a malicious third party!

Review the biography of your account

The biography, like the name of the Instagram account, are among the essential elements to personalize on his profile. When we have left social networks for a while, we have often taken a step back on this occasion and it is relevant to see if your presentation still seems satisfactory to you.

This is an opportunity, for example, to clarify the editorial line of your account, to give some practical information about you, etc. Do not hesitate to read the advice given in this article .

Now it's time to start posting again… but how do you get back to Instagram?

Do not apologize !

This is true for any medium - blog, social network: you don't need to apologize for your absence .

We sometimes tend to "dramatize" a break, imagining that people will forget us, blame us for an absence, that algorithms around the world will make us disappear into the depths of the Internet ... Reality? People make their living , let themselves be absorbed by their daily lives, by everything that is happening online every second.

In addition, you may need to take a break from Instagram for very good reasons, which are unique to you: a need for digital detox, to take a step back, to prioritize other things in your private life or professional, a lack of time ...

The more you apologize, the more you will draw attention to your absence by giving it a negative dimension, as if it was serious not to be continuously present on social networks. And that might make other people see it that way.

If you need to talk about it, just admit that you needed a break from Instagram. Everything is fine !

Take over your Instagram account without feeling guilty

Your best return: posting content

If you have an engaged community, no doubt they will be happy to see you coming back to Instagram… then your best comeback will involve content.

Take advantage of a period when you have things to say , it is easier to resume your Instagram account without "anxiety of the blank page". A period when you travel, where you are active (outings, restaurants, decoration, work, it all depends on the theme of your account!), Where your daily life and your environment give you a "natural" material to use to fund your account ...

You can jot down some ideas for the coming weeks. If you use a particular retouching style, particular filters, you can prepare a few photos beforehand or even write the captions in advance if you think that this can help you "restart".

Post stories to enjoy an uninhibited forum

The stories Instagram are also a good way to catch his Instagram account smoothly.

First advantage: their lifespan is limited so no matter what, the expectations in terms of quality are not as high as for a photo posted on the account permanently. The story is precisely there to give spontaneity to Instagram, post live content for example or share a slice of life. If you tend to put pressure on yourself when posting content, opting for stories is a solution to let go!

Second benefit: people tend to go through them easily when they have a spare moment… which can help you get back into their content “stream” without too much effort!

Third benefit: From my perspective, Stories have less of a negative impact than photos on your subscriber count. We are less likely to unsubscribe from an account for a disappointing story than for a disappointing photo. Sometimes Instagram's algorithm has its reasons that reason ignores ... and when you come back to Instagram after a break, you lose 50 followers for the first photo posted.

Are these people who suddenly realize that your account isn't right for them? Was the photo so bad that your followers scared off? It can be quite mysterious at times, and the loss of subscribers is not always related to your content. However, it is still very disheartening , especially when you decide to resume your Instagram account after a break. Stories are less conducive to this kind of disappointment.

Fourth advantage: stories allow you to easily post several times a day… and in doing so, you will start to generate “activity” on Instagram again , a favorable element to regain your place in the algorithm of the social network.

Smartphone photography

Resume your Instagram account: engagement mission!

On Instagram, a capital element is the engagement that your content arouses : a photo that is quickly liked and commented on after its publication gives you a “bonus” in the Instagram algorithm that calculates your visibility. This encourages the social network to show it to more people ... and it will also allow your future content to be better valued by your subscribers.

It is a reality today: even if you do not run after likes, that you attach a lot of importance to spontaneity, it is better to be aware that behind a publication, it is a "program" that will decide to the visibility to give it .

In other words, quality is not enough and you can invest yourself, share content that is close to your heart with sincerity (and talent!), Other factors also play in the response they receive: the moment you post , the "first reactions" of your subscribers, the choice of hashtags , etc.

So, when you want to come back to Instagram after a break, it's best to get back on track by maximizing this commitment (and that doesn't mean you can't be sincere!). Respond to your comments, direct messages, interact with stories and photos of people you like ...

Decorative line

In short, nothing very complicated to resume your Instagram account after a break: the most difficult is often to cope with your own level of demands . Avoid feeling guilty for not having posted, do not put too much pressure on yourself to "make an incredible return" ... and simply resume healthy habits based on the exchange with your community and the desire to share slices of life.

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