Instagram statistics: how to use Instagram insights?

The statistics on Instagram are very important for every person wishing to scale to develop his Instagram account.

It's no secret that we love data, maybe a little too much.

Data helps you understand precisely how things are happening and changing.

Better understanding potentially means more relevant content for them, at the best time.

If you are here, it is because you want to know more about data analysis, performance of an Instagram account.

This is good because we are going to see in detail how to analyze the performance of an Instagram account using Instagram statistics but also using other external tools.

 Instagram statistics: best tools

There are many ways to analyze an Instagram account, its performance, its evolution.

The most obvious solution is through Instagram Insights, an internal Instagram analytics tool.

However, this solution only works when you are the owner of the account.

What if you want to know how fast a competitor account is growing?

No problem, we have the solution.

Actually, there are many tools online to analyze Instagram statistics.

Among these tools, our favorite is certainly SocialBlade .

SocialBlade Instagram stats
Example Instagram Statistics with SocialBlade

Here you can see the evolution of the number of subscribers, subscriptions, the number of new posts and many other metrics!

A very good compromise if you are looking to have Instagram statistics on a specific account.

Now we will see, Instagram Insights, the internal statistics tool for Instagram.

What is Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is an Instagram data analysis tool available for every Instagram business account.

It provides data on content, subscriber demographics (age, gender, location, etc.) and engagement.

This information is invaluable when trying to grow your Instagram account on a large scale because Instagram stats allow you to track and measure your improvements on Instagram and know how to optimize your posts.

To access Instagram Insights, you need an Instagram business account .

If you convert a personal account to a business account, you'll see your Instagram stats for any content posted after the change.

If at any time you switch back to a personal account, you will lose all of your Insights data.

Understanding the power of statistics on Instagram

Instagram Insights makes it possible to get the most out of your content, but much more.

Let's take an example :

Let's say you run an online fitness clothing store.

You can post different types of content on Instagram, such as:

  • Inspirational photos
  • Workout videos
  • Product photos
  • Lifestyle photos highlighting your products
  • Customer-generated content

Now let's take a look at some examples of what you could learn from Instagram Insights, and how you could apply that knowledge to boost your Instagram account.

  • You will learn that the content generated by your customers is the most liked and the most commented on. This will ensure you are producing and sharing more of the same content.
  • Your audience is most active on Friday morning and Sunday evening. So you will always schedule Instagram posts for these times to boost engagement.
  • Your product photos receive the fewest comments of all your posts. However, they are the ones who get the most clicks on the website. So from now on, you'll share fewer similar posts, but make sure to share them during peak hours when your audience is more active. You'll also start to include some extremely compelling call-to-action in the captions.

Do you want more ?

  • Of all your inspirational posts, black and white images with quotes seem to work the best. You will then start to share this type of post every day.

The possibilities with Instagram statistics are endless.

Let's take a little more detail on how to access Instagram statistics and how to analyze them.

How to access Instagram Insights

Everything in its time. To access Instagram Insights, you need a business account, which offers a host of benefits.

In addition to accessing Instagram Insights, Instagram business profiles also allow you to add additional contact options to your profile and advertise on Instagram.

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Plus, you don't need to create a new account.

Instead, you can simply convert your existing Instagram profile to a business account.

Simply go to your Instagram account settings and press “Switch to Business Account”.

Then follow the steps to be carried out as they will be indicated to you.

Make sure to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

You have to do this if you want to advertise later for example.

Is it good do you have a business account?

You can access Instagram Insights by clicking on the Insights button in the menu as shown in the image below.

Instagram insights statistics
Instagram Insights

Now let's see the Instagram stats in detail.

Instagram Stats: Reach and Impressions

Instagram Stats allow you to track and monitor tons of different data. However, there are two that are particularly important: reach and impressions.

What is reach on Instagram?

Instagram reach refers to the total number of people who see your content, regardless of how many times they see it, or whether they interact with it.

What are impressions on Instagram?

Instagram Impressions are the total number of times your content is shown on Instagram - including repeat views.

For example, when one of your followers walks past your post in their feed, it will count as an impression. And if they scroll through it again while browsing a hashtag, that will count as another impression.

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Instagram Statistics and Profile Activity

When you first open statistics, the Activity tab displays two sets of metrics: Interactions and Discoveries.

Instagram Activity statistics
Instagram Insights - Activity

Let's take a look at the interactions first.

The interactions tab shows you how many times users have interacted with your Instagram account in the past seven days.

These interactions are calculated by adding the following measurements:

  • Call - The number of times users have pressed “Call” on your Instagram profile.
  • Comments - The number of comments users have left on your posts.
  • Email - The number of times users have pressed “Email” on your Instagram profile.
  • Likes - The number of Likes your posts have received.
  • Profile Visits - The number of users who visited your Instagram profile.
  • Site Clicks - The number of users who clicked the link in your Instagram bio profile.

The graph shows you how many interactions were received each day.

You can then use it to think about why certain days of the week received higher levels of engagement than others.

The “discovery” part in your Instagram stats shows your overall account performance over the past seven days using the metrics we've outlined above: reach and impressions.

So how can you use this information?

While you obviously want both settings to be as high as possible, ideally your prints would be greater than your reach. This is a sign that people who follow you have seen your content multiple times.

Now let's move on to a new part of the content.

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Instagram Statistics and Content

The next tab shows metrics related to your content.

First of all, it shows you how many posts you shared in the past week compared to the previous week.

Then there are three sections that present more detailed metrics on:

  • Posts - The photos and videos you share in your feed
  • Stories - Your Instagram Stories
  • Promotions - The advertising campaigns carried out

Here you can see the statistics of each post since setting up your Instagram Business account. The statistics are unfortunately not retroactive.

However, now that you have a business Instagram profile, your Instagram stats will remain logged for two years, and you can review this information whenever you want.

Instagram statistics and audience analysis

We keep the best for you for the end!

The Audience tab allows you to better understand your audience and how they have changed over the past week compared to the previous week.

It's also worth noting that if you tap on a chart, it will reveal the exact numbers or percentages.

Instagram Audience Statistics
Instagram Insights - Audience

Thanks to this Audience tab, you can see the geographic location of your audience (by city or country), gender, age group, and when your audience is most active on Instagram.

Insta stats audience
Insta Audience Stats - Post Time

The idea is to use this information to create content that better meets the needs of your target, to post it at the best time.

Perhaps the most useful part of the Audience tab is the last section: Followers.

This section allows you to make sure that you are sharing content on Instagram when your audience is most active. This is especially useful when planning content.

For example, the image above shows that a majority of my subscribers are most active by 3 and 9 p.m. on Saturdays.

I will therefore favor this schedule to post on Instagram .

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Instagram stats summary

Stats on Instagram give you a whole new view of your account.

The statistics available to you will let you know what is working , and more importantly, what is not, so that you can continually refine and improve your posts on Instagram.

Here is a brief overview of the main points we covered:

  • To use Instagram Insights, you need an Instagram Business profile.
  • Statistics are made up of three tabs: Activity, Content and Audience.
  • The idea is to use Instagram stats to identify your top performing content.
  • Then try to identify the reasons why it worked so well so that you can repeat the success in your next posts.

Remember, being successful on Instagram is all about learning and testing: Try, analyze, improve, and try again.

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