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Here you will find all the information you need to maximize your chances of obtaining the badge so coveted by your competitors and to build an unbreakable trust with your audience.

How to get Instagram verification blue check?

To have the  blue check (blue tick proof of your certified  instagram  account )

you must :

1-Follow instagram's general conditions of use. So far easy.
2-Have a public account. So that everyone can access your publications.
3-Have a complete instagram profile.
4-Have an authentic account. That is yours.
5-Have a unique account. Only one account per person or brand can be certified in your name. A fan account cannot have a blue badge.
6-Be famous. This is probably the hardest part of the job. But instagram clearly states, a certified account must "represent a person, brand or known entity that is wanted.

If all these steps have been applied, you can submit a verification request from your instagram account for your blue tick.

Why people get verified ?

People do not get verified because they are popular. Instagram was never wanting this.

The reason why people are verified is because they have some type of importance

and press about them, so it can defend them from people pretending to be them.

What is the best way to get verified ?

The old way: You could buy a badge off of sketchy websites and get verified.

Instagram does not let this happen anymore.

The new way: Press Release (PR)

🛑 Instagram requires PR articles to be published informing the public about your Instagram profile. (This shows your worthy of the blue check or blue tick). 

 Press Release for Instagram verification

Is Worth It?

The main goal is verification, where the ROI (Return on Investisment) for any person is absolutely high.

But, here is the thing. In addition to verification, the person buying this PR gets articles written about him or her which is a huge boost in authority. They can flex those articles and present themseleves as someone who is important.

Whatever your niche, business, or brand is based around this can be very beneficial and make someone way more money in the long run.

In short, you increase your chances of being verified considerably by getting articles that talk about you and your business or brand.
you increase your credibility and perceived value to your community.
In addition, you will increase your visibility and get more followers/fans via the articles.

What we need from you?

We only need your instagram account username

and we take care of the rest.

We will write the content, publish it and send you the link to the article when done.


How do you keep track of your work?

We will keep you informed of all the steps.

We will validate the article with you and the media where it will be posted.
After your validation, we will send you the links to prove that the work has been done.


Do I need Press Release to get verified?

It is not necessary but it increase your chance.

So, yes, anyone can apply for verification on Instagram. But actually getting approved is a lot tougher.

What are the advantages of the Press Release?

By getting a Press Release, you increase your overall image, get more visibility on search engine like google ,get the authority you need to influence your audience and get a better chance to get verified.

People will be able to find articles about you by typing on search engines... What more to prove your seriousness and build a solid trust with your followers.


How do I submit my verification request?

After confirming that the articles about you have been written, we recommend a two-day waiting period and ask for the verification account through your instagram account.

Simply follow these steps:

1-Open the Instagram application and go to Settings
2-Scroll down and press Request verification
3-Enter your account name, your full name and a photo if you are an individual and a legal or business identification if you have an Instagram account for business.
4-Press Send


It's done. You will get verified soon !

Instagram Verification is complete


What do I need to do before submitting a verification request?

Indeed, before submitting a request and to avoid a direct refusal you must be eligible to obtain the blue badge.

Read the section "how to get Instagram verification blue tick" at the top of the page.

Can you help me know if I can submitting a verification request?

Sure! if you take our service we will also analyze your account and tell you if you are eligible to apply for a badge.

We also offer a $5 Eligibility Verification Service if you would like to get our opinion without having to order a press release.

Click here to check your eligibility for Instagram Verification 

What if the verification fails?

Instagram Verification fail

Don't worry. Even if the verification fails, you will not be banned or have any instagram sanctions.

You will just have to try again 30 days later.

You can apply until you get your badge but as mentioned this process can be quite tedious if you haven't already created a favorable environment to get the badge and especially if there is no article about you anywhere.
Obtaining an Instagram certified account is becoming a public figure.


The final decision will be made by instagram.
We cannot guarantee that you will receive verification, but we can guarantee that we will make every effort to write a high quality item in order to increase your chances of obtaining an instagram Certified account with the blue tick.

We recommand taking as more as press release you can to maximise your chance and get more visibility on google search engine.


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