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🚀 Boost the conversion rate of your Facebook Ads campaigns

💡 Did you know.

Businesses that choose video for their digital marketing get a 34% higher web conversion rate than those that don't!

Using video advertising, rather than images and text, will therefore boost your e-commerce and dropshipping sales.

Promoting your products through a video is more interesting for your prospects while capturing their attention for a longer time.

Creating an advertising video requires skills and a lot of time. And the rates of a specialist in this field are often prohibitive... Especially if you want to focus your digital marketing using videos for each product. Or if you're starting an e-commerce business, and your budget is limited when it comes to creating marketing content.

As a digital marketing specialist, we will then support you in your digital marketing by creating your advertising videos with :

✅Competitive rates
✅ Fast delivery times
✅A high quality final rendering
✅100% positive reviews


📢 Why use a video ad?

Video is undoubtedly the most used content on the internet for years. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, or even Twitter all feature video. The reason is simple: video causes more engagement than an image or text.

If you have an online store, you know that advertising is your asset to convert your prospects into customers. Video will then allow you to:

Describe your product
Create the desire to buy
Generate engagement
Optimize your natural referencing
Search engines, such as Google, index much better sites that include video ads. On social networks, a video ad can increase your natural referencing very quickly. This referencing will then allow you to make complementary sales to your paid advertising campaigns.

🔥 Some figures on video

12 times more shares for a post that contains a video.
10 times more engagement for a post that contains a video.
5 times more time spent watching videos than static content.
85% of videos are watched without sound.
82% of internet traffic is represented by video.
Sources for these numbers: Brightcove, Hootsuite, Facebook, Digiday, CISCO, semrush)

📈 The place of videos in digital marketing

62% of people are more interested in a product seen in video on social networks.
73% of marketers say video has a positive impact on their ROI.
Using the word "video" in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 19%, the click rate by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
3 times more clicks when an email includes a video.
34% higher conversion rate for companies that use video in their digital marketing.
Sources for these numbers: Vidyard, Merchant, Syndacast, Tubular insights, marketing land, semrush)

❓ What will your video ad look like?

Creating a video requires real skills. The choice is then simple: learn this craft or call in a specialist. we are here to put my skills and know-how at the service of your business. The advertising videos I have created have had a significant impact on my clients' sales.

You won't have to go looking for visuals, product videos, write the script or give us very specific or tedious instructions.

Discover the simplicity of working with us.

We will proceed to the complete creation of your advertising video:

✅ We will write a copywriting script based on the features of your product.

We will proceed to the editing of your advertising video by illustrating the script with video sequences that we will select ourselves. Example: If one of the products you sell is for cats, then we will select videos of cats to illustrate certain passages of the sales text to accompany the sequences where your product appears.

✅We'll incorporate music. Music helps to add rhythm to the video and generate more interest from prospects. It will of course be appropriate for the product you are selling.

✅We will integrate your store logo at the end of the video to conclude on your store branding.

✅We will finally integrate, in the outro of the video, a link as Call To Action to redirect the prospects to your product.

📏 Choose the size of your promotional video.

The size of your video is a very important element. The format is indeed itself a real advertising strategy because it must be the most impactful according to the platform where your video ad will be broadcasted.

We will then propose 3 formats for the creation of your promotional video:

▶️ The square video format 1/1

This is the most suitable format for social networks, it is the most pleasant to watch when you scroll the news feed.
We recommend this format if you want to advertise on Instagram and Facebook.

▶️ The 16:9 video format.

This is the most generalist format because it fits almost every platform. For example, this is the format of YouTube videos.
We recommend this format to upload the video directly to your online store, blog or even YouTube and Twitter.

▶️ The vertical video format 9/16

This is the opposite format to 16/9. It is particularly the format used for storys. It allows you to use the entire screen of a smartphone, without the need to turn it.
We recommend this format for advertising in Instagram story, Facebook story, Snapchat or even on TikTok.

We will deliver your product's advertising video as a .mp4 file, with high definition 1080p quality.

💡 What you need to provide us with

Well, after your purchase you just have to answer our E-mail.
We need these 3 simple things:

-Link of the product (Aliexpress, Shopify store, for example)
-Name of the product
-Logo of your Store (optional)

It couldn't be easier! We will take care of everything!

Contact us before you order if you have any questions about what you need to provide us so we can create the video ad for your product.

We are sure you would love to have a video ad like these:

Language is not a barrier. English, French, German, Italian. We can make your video in the language of your choice.

🌟 Some customer reviews

"Fast delivery and videos exactly how I wanted them! I will be back."
LouisSarmadi on April 17, 2021

"2nd time working with Buff and still satisfied. Responsive, nice and most importantly full of interesting ideas. See you soon"
BaptisteJullien on April 06, 2021

"Very good work, listening to your desires and takes the time to explain well! Very responsive, video clip made very quickly with a superb quality! fast and serious I strongly advise you."
mygymness on March 25, 2021

"Very nice realization, this is not my first order and always so pleased to work with someone so professional and listening, thank you again. for all those who still hesitates then go for it."
thomasfourcault on March 12, 2021

"Professional and very fast work. Boost-ig is very responsive and answers all our questions! I will not hesitate to contact her again for my next videos!"
Lea on February 21, 2021

📢 Frequently Asked Questions :

I've been able to support dozens of e-commerce and dropshipping entrepreneurs in making their advertising videos with 100% positive reviews. With my experience, and thanks to the diversity of the products I've been in charge of making the advertising video, I can create videos on a very wide range of products.

Question: Will my video ad be unique?
Answer: Yes of course, each order I receive to create a video is a unique request. The writing of the script, the editing of the video, the choice of music and colors are done on a case by case basis. Each video I create is unique.

Question: How long does it take you to deliver a video ad?
Answer: The delivery time is 2 days.

Question: Can I be delivered faster?
Answer: Yes it is possible, you can choose express delivery when you place your order. You will then become a priority for us and I will deliver your video in only 1 day.

Question : I don't have a store but I have an Aliexpress link to a product, is that enough information ?
Answer: Yes, I will be able to get the product information, the visuals and the video(s) from the Aliexpress product page.

Question: Can I choose the style of music for my product ad video?
Answer: Yes, you can give us indications on the style of music you want to integrate in your product promotional video. Dynamic or inspirational music, rock or rap, etc.

Question : Can I send you pictures of my product to include in the promotional video ?
Answer: Yes, if you have the visuals of your products, and you want to integrate them into the video. If not, I will get them myself with the link to your store, or Aliexpress for example.

Question : Can I send you videos of my product to integrate them into the video ad ?
Answer: Yes, you can send us short sequences and I will be able to select passages that I will integrate into the final editing of your promotional video.

Question : On which platforms can I use the video ad ?
Answer: On all possible Ads platforms, whether it's a Snapchat video ad, Facebook video ad, Instagram video ad, YouTube video ad, video ad on a store, TikTok video ad, etc... You have to choose the format(s) and duration you want.

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