Get Paid by Boost-ig

If you liked our service or would like to share it with your friends or if you know any rappers, models, even merchants who might be interested, you may be eligible to become a boost-ig ambassador and get paid .

How does it work?
Write us a message specifying that you would like to become an ambassador.

We will send you a 50% discount coupon that you can share with your friends or anybody interested in getting more visibility on Instagram.

Step by step :

Write us at or via the contact form with the message below:

"Hi boost-ig,
I want to become an ambassador. Could you send me a coupon in the name of x?"

We will then send you the coupon within 24-48 hours.

Advantage to become an ambassador:

✅ You can earn up to 20$ for every people who buy Instagram followers or any of boost-ig service through your coupon (Conditions apply)

✅You get a 20% discount on all your purchases with Boost-ig.

✅You get Boost-ig software for free:

✅You have the right to a strategic call where you will have access to exclusive techniques to gain fast real,active followers on the long term (this call will be proposed and you can refuse it if you are not interested).

*** You have access to all this advantages after your first purchase or after a purchase from one of your affiliates ***