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What is Facebook Ads?

Google Adwords is based on the searches that people make and shows them links rather than others according to different criteria and bids. The Google search engine is very different from the social network Facebook in its use. The former is used to respond to an active search, while the latter is used to check in on loved ones and interests.

In short, the use of Facebook is a leisure activity while that of Google is utilitarian.

Facebook offers its own tool to broadcast advertising campaigns on its network: "Facebook Ads".

Indeed, each user of the network can be identified according to his interests, his likes, his discussions, his friends, or his groups. Moreover, each user spends a lot of time on Facebook, every day, on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

The main advantage of Facebook Ads is therefore to be able to exploit this huge database of users. You can easily target categories of people with precision and broadcast ads to them in order to test their interest in your product/service, and eventually make sales!

Why do you need Facebook Ads?

Facebook has over 1.4 billion users who connect to whatever interests them, with over 900 million connecting to it every day!

That's probably reason enough in case you are still hesitating. Nevertheless, here is a list of different types of people for whom it is relevant to advertise on Facebook:

✅ I'm setting up a Dropshipping project, my site is ready and I want to test a product to know if it is likely to sell: facebooks ads is the solution.

✅I am a freelancer, I have just created a service (for example on and I would like to know if people are interested in this service: facebook ads is the solution.

✅I am a seasoned e-merchant, I already sell regularly on my site and would like to develop my customer base by finding similar buyers: facebooks ads is THE solution.

✅ I'm a startup, and I'm setting up a RE-VO-LU-TIO-NNAIRE project. Problem is, nobody knows about it! Facebooks Ads is once again the solution.

✅I developed an app (iOS/Android) and I want to increase my number of downloads, facebooks ads is (flat out) the solution!

✅ I work in real estate, I have an agency, and I want to develop rental customers, or purchase customers. In short.

You will have understood the idea, the possibilities of Facebook Ads are unlimited. Your project is even more specific?
Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized advice.


Our strategies to serve your business!

What is Scaling ❓It's simply our strategy for optimizing your campaigns. This consists of a regular optimization of the different approaches to promote your product/service and can continuously bring you cart additions, and ideally, sales!

⚠️Pre-requisite: To start scaling, you must already accumulate a minimum of 6 purchases on your site.

What is Retargeting ❓This consists of serving your ads to people who have already shown an interest in your products. The ads will show up in different places on the targeted person's facebook, seeking to provoke a buying impulse.

Retargeting can target people who have already visited your site, those who have added to the cart without having placed an order, or even people who are already your customers. Several analyses show that people almost never buy on the first visit, retargeting is used to get them to take action!

⚠️To know: To start retargeting, you need to have already made several sales. We will judge the relevance of this strategy based on the progress of your business.

What is the Look-a-like Audience ❓(in French, "audiences similaires")

This is the most powerful system that exists to advertise on facebook! The principle is simple: facebook has been accumulating data on its users for many years. Thanks to this data, they have developed an extremely efficient algorithm for different reasons:

It analyzes the list of your current customers through the Pixel.
It will accurately target people who are exactly like your customers!
To constantly optimize this audience in order to continually bring you new customers.

The reality behind this is that facebook is much better at targeting audiences than any of us!

⚠️To know: To attack the similar audiences strategy, you must accumulate a large minimum of 100 sales with your Facebook pixel installed, before that it is impossible!

This strategy is therefore aimed at businesses that are already well established and want to take their business to the next level.

Why choose us over another?

Well, for several reasons! And here are some of them:

Boost-ig is founded by several web experts who each have several successful experiences in web companies and startups. The watchword? Performance. A dissatisfied customer never stays a customer for long. The solution? Rely on proven methods and strategies that can be quantified in terms of return on investment in order to measure the success rate.

In total, more than 15000 satisfied customers. That's the number.

Our approach is based on consulting. Our goal is not to sell at any price, but to bring you the best solution to develop your business. We have a long-term vision: if we are able to bring you results and satisfaction, you will most probably be tempted to continue with us the adventure, that's how we see things.

If at the end of our conversation, we realize for one reason or another that our collaboration is not to be considered, we will inform you sincerely. Because today's overpromises are tomorrow's shortfalls. This is why we always practice with great ethics and benevolence.

Over the years, our respective activities have developed, and today we are at the head of an agency specialized in growth marketing. We have hired experts that we have trained in our methods and who are there to make sure the job is done right.


✅Setup : Facebook Pixel installation (Shopify, Prestashop, Systè, etc...)
✅Design : Slideshow of images for the campaign from your content
✅Copywriting: Writing the content for the campaign
✅Targeting : Basic based on the target of your products/services (1 Campaign).

⚠️To know: This pack is a discovery package, basically there for people who want to test audience buy-in to their offer. This is a quick order, delivered by our teams. Don't expect meteoric results!
⚠️To wit: We start working on your project right after you place your order.



✅Setup : Facebook Pixel installation (Shopify, Prestashop, Systè, etc...)
✅Design: Image slideshow for the campaign from your content.
✅Copywriting: Writing the content for the campaign.
✅Targeting: Customized according to the target of your products/services.
✅Management : Management, Assistance, & Follow-up during 4 days.
✅Know-how: Regularly optimized performance.
✅BONUS: 1 free videos ads (25 $ value )
⚠️To know: This pack puts our foot in the door more, regular optimization, your test will be all the more conclusive.
⚠️To wit: We start working on your project right after you place your order.



✅Setup : Installation/Optimization Pixel Facebook (Shopify, Prestashop, Systè, etc...)
✅Design : Slideshow of images for the campaign from your content
✅Copywriting: Writing the sales texts of the campaigns.
✅Targeting: Customized according to the target of your products/services.
✅Management : Management, assistance, & follow-up during 7 days.
✅How-know: Regular performance optimization.
✅Strategy : Launch of several Scaling & Retargeting campaigns.
✅Look-a-like Audience: If possible, see description (+100 sales already made).
✅ Facebook Page: Creation of your Facebook page (fully customized).

✅BONUS: 2 free videos ads + 2 thumbnails (60 $ value )

⚠️To know : Here we enter a much more serious strategy, regular optimization, we implement here advanced strategies. Reserved for well-started businesses that have plans to grow seriously.
⚠️To know: we start working on your project right after you place an order.


⚠️ Note: We want to maximize the success of your project because it is important to you as well as to us.
Before placing an order, please contact us with the link to your site if it is done. We will provide you with free advice on how to optimize your site's conversion before advertising.

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